CNC Carving - Page 2
Oval Boxes - Memorial Plaque


Here's a picture of
our CNC machine.
It's a Camaster Stinger!

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Oval Boxes

Here are some samples of our latest oval boxes.

This is my favorite one so far!

Around here, this is known as the North Carolina State Pet.

Crocodile box. I have a pair of boots like that!

Alligator Box - note the detail on the body!

Memorial Plaque

This is a Memorial Plaque that I was commissioned to make for some very dear friends who recently lost a good friend in a plane crash. I suggested a wall mirror for the project since it was going to be hung in a house and they loved the idea. Since the man was a pilot and an active member of his church I searched for a Bible verse that would be appropriate and then designed the graphics to match. I also found a wonderful poem entitled "Impressions of a Pilot" that we used and finished the piece off with a carving of the man's actual airplane from a photograph the family furnished.

Psalm 55:6 - And I said, "Oh that I had the wings of a dove for then would
I fly away and be at rest."

I was born to fly!