CNC Carving 2

A Christmas project! I found some clockworks in a box on a shelf in the shop that I must have bought a few years back
and forgot all about. This is what I came up with...

I had a little problem with raindrops but I needed to shoot the pictures and get the presents wrapped!

I was offered an old cherry wood TV cabinet that a friend had been unsuccessfully trying to sell
and jumped at the chance. This is a great source of stable lumber as it is dry, smooth, and comes in
very large panels. This cabinet had 22" wide end panels that were almost 5' tall. That's a lot of
ready-to-use CNC stock! I carefully took it all apart and got it ready to use by running the metal detector
wand over it to be sure that there were no fasteners like screws or staples hiding inside.

The first piece was a plaque commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

This piece measures 20" in diameter. This is a picture of it right off the machine
with no sanding or post-milling work.

All done and ready to deliver just in time for the official date!

This piece was a belated Christmas present for some very good friends.
I had it designed and ready to cut but was unable to use my machine during
my exile. (I was working in Wilson for about 6 months - 7 days a week -
so no time to come home and run the CNC).

This plaque is 14" in diameter and has a lot of depth to the 3D carving. I designed it in
Aspire (a fantastic program from the folks at Vectric) using a vector drawing.

Just a teaser for what is coming with the recoil lathe...

I took a simple line drawing, converted to 3D in Aspire and then
wrapped it on a spiral cylinder. More to come...